A small village in the middle east

Photograph - Villagers Posing in Street with Donkey, Middle East, World War I, 1916-1919

Once upon a time, in a small village in the middle east, there lived an old man who was known throughout the village for his great wisdom and understanding. Despite his advanced age, the old man was still active and would often take long walks through the desert to contemplate the mysteries of the world.

One day, while on one of his walks, the old man came upon a group of young men who were arguing fiercely with one another. As he approached, he could hear them shouting and cursing, each trying to prove that he was right and the others were wrong.

The old man stopped and watched the scene for a moment, then spoke up in a calm and measured voice. “Why do you argue so fiercely with one another?” he asked. “Is it not better to seek understanding and find common ground, rather than to fight and divide?”

The young men fell silent at the old man’s words, and one by one, they began to nod in agreement. They realized that the old man was right, and that their anger and hatred had led them down a dangerous path.

From that day on, the old man’s wisdom and guidance helped to bring peace and understanding to the village, and his name became synonymous with wisdom and understanding throughout the region.

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Anas Abuhamra
Anas Abuhamra
1 year ago